COVID-19 Saftey Measures

These are unprecedented times. During the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the challenges it poses, we at Studio East are committed to help our community have peace of mind when working on productions of any size. By creating a space where the health and safety of all our clients is the forefront of our services, you are allowed to do what you do best – be creative and thrive!

In order to help our clients lead a safe production we will have a selection of PPE available including: 

  • Gloves
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sinks with Hand Soap
  • Routine Sanitation of Common Areas

Studio East includes isolated and enclosed offices to help maintain social distancing guidelines. They have separate bathrooms (4 total) and entrances. The enclosed office space has a viewing window directly overlooking the 14 ft stage so you’ll never miss a take.

We strongly request that all guests supply an adequate amount of masks for their entire staff and production crews throughout the duration of their shoot.

We are confident that we can accommodate any unique circumstances or special requirements you have during these unprecedented times. Contact us now to get started.